Dr. Asmare Dejen, Department of Plant Science, Wollo University, Ethiopia

Associate Editors:

Dr. Getachew Gugsa, School of Veterinary Medicine, Wollo University, Ethiopia

Dr. K. S. Goudar, Department of Biology, Wollo University, Ethiopia

Dr. Wubshet Mekonnen, Department of Chemistry, Wollo University, Ethiopia


Dr. Anders Herlin, Dept. of Biosystems and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Dr. Hans-Peter Kaul, Dept. of Crop Sciences, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria

Dr. Getinet Desalegn, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Department of Crop Sciences, Austria

Dr. Tilahun Amede, Principal Scientist, International Crops Research Institute for Semi-arid Tropics, Ethiopia

Dr. Berhanu Abegaz, Executive Director of African Academic Science, Kenya

Dr. Solomon Benor, Director for Research and Community Service, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ethiopia

Dr. Tesfaye Awas, Senior Resercher, Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, Ethiopia